Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day ONE: "Thrifty & Chic Modest Fashion Show!

...Well, today is day one--I am sorry that I got the linky up late as well as this post, but we just got back today around 1:00...and un-packing, doing Father's Day things, etc. made it hard! =) It isn't too late to join this event--to learn about it, click HERE--just leave me a comment on that post saying you want to join, then link up each day you want to do it! Also, if you prefer, you can leave a comment here with the url of your outfit for today instead of linking up. Just so I know you are in/what you wore each day!

So. Here is my first post for Day One of the "Thrifty & Chic! Modest Fashion Show:" :)

My Favorite Thrift Stores/Bargain Stores:

Goodwill (of course, hehe!)
Old Navy (the sales)
Target (again, the sales)

My Favorite Brands:

American Eagle
Old Navy
....Anything that is a "good brand" find!

"Sporty Fashion!"

What I'm Wearing Today:

Athletic jacket: ON SALE at Walmart--around $7.00
Stretchy "ExerSkirt": Goodwill--$5.00
Shoes: ON SALE at Fred Meyer's--around $25
(T-shirt underneath: Free at a Cross Country Running Meet!)

*(Just for this once I won't post the brands...all of these items are deep in the washer!=)*

I can't wait to see all of YOUR outfits--have fun, and don't forget to link up somehow!

Miss Lucia~

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