Monday, June 14, 2010

Day One: "Modest Fashion Event"~Aqua and Creme~

Today is the *first* day of “Modest Fashion Week,” hosted by Miss Samantha of Simple Delights! I am excited and ready to get started, and can’t wait to check out my friend’s outfits, too. If you haven’t already joined up, please consider it!

So. Here is my outfit for today:

"Aqua and Creme" 

Creme short-sleeved blouse: Old Navy
High white under-camisolle: Old Navy
Aqua floral print tiered skirt: Old Navy
Black ballet flats: Mossimo Supply


  1. I just LOVE that outfit, Luci!!
    Thanks for participating! =)


  2. lovely outfit, great job with the colors of the pictures =D

  3. Very cute outfit! I love that skirt. :-)

  4. Adorable outfit!! :)

    Love in Christ,


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