Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day FOUR: Thrifty & Chic Modest Fashion Event~"Clad in Plaid"

For this fifth day of “Thrifty & Chic! The Modest Fashion Show,” I am again in plaid. Enter HERE (I'm hosting it) to join this fun event while it lasts!

...If you remember from Modest Fashion Week, I *adore* plaid, and love its “Scottish-ness” and country air. =) Anyways, here is the second of my plaid shirts--the orange one. =) And I especially love plaid in long-sleeved, collared, button-up blouses.

"Clad in Plaid: Orange 'n' Black!"

~Photos taken by either my dear friends Barbra or Miss Raquel...I can't remember which!~

~Close-up of blouse...~

What I'm Wearing Today:

Orange plaid blouse: Arizona--Goodwill, $6
Lacy white under-tank: Ross: Dress for Less, $3
Long black skirt: Ashley Taylor--Goodwill, $4
Black stockings (yes, I am wearing some=): Given to me for Christmas!
Simple brown bead necklace: Given to me by a friend from India
Black flats (blurred a little into the skirt): Hand-me-downs

~Black and white shot..~


  1. Love the pictures and outfit- again:) The orange looks really nice on you

  2. The plaid looks so cute on you! I really need to get more plaid myself. =)


  3. OOOOPS! I did it again! I left the link for my DAY FOUR, but it is Actually DAY THREE. Will you delete it for me?

  4. I LOVE this outfit!!!! it's probably my favourite so far. :-D By the way, I got your letter!!!!!! I'm wearing the pin right now. :-)

    Much love,

  5. Luci,
    Yes I do wear skirts/dresses all the time (minus bed time!)

    So would I,
    God Bless,

  6. I Love that outfit! And you are too photo genic! :)

  7. This is so cute and country! Love it!


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