Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day FIVE (not last day): Thrifty & Chic~"My 'Little' Red Dress!"

Day FIVE of "Thrifty & Chic!" Wow--how the time *flies!* :) But, as I mentioned in the below post, today is NOT the last day. Tomorrow, the 25th, is! Sorry for any confusion over that...I counted wrong. But, you can still join in the fun (learn about it HERE), if you post today (to qualify for the "prizes" you have to have posted at least two outfits).

...So, I am using a rather oldish picture for today's--unfortunatley, I didn't have time to put together a new outfit/take photos yesterday or today, so I am forced to use this one. Some of you have already seen this outfit, some of you have not! Here it is:

 "My 'Little' Red Dress!"

What I'm Wearing Today:

Red tie casual dress: "Merona"--Goodwill, $5
Grey button-up sweater (in some photos): "Manacotta"--Goodwill, $7??
Black stockings: Christmas gift
Tall fur boots: Christmas gift when I was 12--yes, they still fit! :) 


  1. Hello again! :) (cute outfit, btw ;) )
    I'm sorry its taken me this long to reply to the comment you left me.

    Very neat about your name! - I've read about saint Lucia, so yes, I know what/who your talking about! :D

    And yes, I am 75% Italian and 25% Polish (my mom was born in Italy.) Growing up with a foreign mother and grandparents (my mom has lost her accent, though my Nonno and Nonna still speak broken English,) has been a very culturally enriching experience. :)

  2. I want that dress!! :D It is soooo cute, Luci! Love it!! :D

  3. Thanks for the comment, Lucia! =) Actually the cardigan is cream, rather than light green. hehehe.

    I simply adore that little red dress! ~*~

  4. LOVE the dress! So cute on you! I wish I had more dresses. That is really something I need to look for and buy! =)


  5. I love that dress! its so cute!

  6. You have such amazing style, I would have never ever guessed you bought those things at Goodwill! I have loved all of the outfits you have worn this week. :) Sadly, Monday-Friday I was at church camp with no internet. :( I can't wait to see the outfit that you wore today.



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