Sunday, June 13, 2010

And the Winners Are...

...After going through nearly 30 entries (and wanting each to win), writing down names, putting them in a basket, then drawing two with my eyes closed  having my little sister draw two with ehr eyes closed (woops! I forgot I had her do it!),  I am pleased to announce that the winners of the Virtuous Girlhood "Pro-Life Giveaway" are:


CONGRATULATIONS, ladies!!! Please send your adress, etc. to:

...And that you *all* so, so much for entering. I was so excited to get so many entries! Please, if you haven't alrerady done so, consider participating in my "Thrifty and Chic! Modest Fashion Show" coming up on the 20th. Grab the button on the sidebar to advertise!

Blessings, and Thanks Again,
Miss Lucia~* 

1 comment:

  1. *screams* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happyhappyhappy* I was really hoping I would win!! :-D When I saw that I was one of the winners, I literally almost fell out of my chair. ;-D You have my address, right? Cuz I can resend it...

    ~Lawah the happy girl


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